Thursday, March 5, 2009

Bold predictions from a bold man

B-Mac, here with your bold Phillies prediction for the 2009 regular season. Currently I am predicting the Phillies to win 101 games this season. Not bad... considering the win totals for the Phillies have gone up in the past couple of seasons. 2006 the Fightin' Phils won 85 games. In 2007 the Fightin's won 89 games. Last season the Fightin's won 92. The precedent is there.

In other bold predictions... I am predicting Cole "Hollywood" Hamels to win 24 games and earn his first National League Cy Young Award. Precedent? Who needs precedent? Because he's Cole Hamels! Cole Hamels will win 1 Cy Young... and 11 Cole Hamels.

Ryan Howard prediction: .275, 61 HR, 175 RBI
Chase Utley prediction: .312, 30 hr, 112 RBI: National League MVP

Overall Record: 101-61
Starting Rotation 2009 prediction
Cole Hamels: 25-7
Brett Myers: 14-14
Jamie Moyer: 18-13
Joe Blanton: 16-13
Kyle Kendrick: 17-7

Bullpen 2009 prediction
Brad Lidge:
3-1, 42 SV 45 SVO
Rest of Bullpen: 8-6

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  1. If Howard has those numbers, he wins the MVP, hands down. And if he and Utley have those numbers, J-Roll scores 150 runs. Go Phils!