Wednesday, April 1, 2009

5th starter and April Fools

Well we know who our fifth starter is...

Wait a minute, this just in! I have just received reports that states the Phillies are naming Adam Eaton fifth starter. Yes, the same one whom they released a month ago. He is on loan from Baltimore

April fools everyone. Sorry, just had to do it.

The race for fifth starter has ended. The real winner of the race is crafty veteran righty, Chan Ho Park. He beat out lefty J.A. Happ for the starters job.

In other news: the Eagles have just traded Donovan McNabb for Broncos QB Jay Cutler, the news stemming from certain rumors saying that McNabb wanted more offensive weapons.

Nah, I'm just bullshitting you again. April Fools.

No word from the Eagles yet.

See you all this Sunday baby. Opening Night Baby! Braves-Phillies, 8:05 PM @Citizen's Bank Park. Derek Lowe vs. Brett Myers in the return to MLB Baseball and the returning World Champion Philadelphia Phillies.

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